Improv & Sketch Comedy

Lincoln has been performing live comedy consistently since 1993 (earlier if you count wetting his pants in public). Thousdands of shows later, audiences still agree that he is much funnier than he is good-looking.

Current Improv Group: The Society Comedy Troupe
Award Winning Improv & Musical Improv National Touring Company
Winner of 12 Straight Improv Cage Matches at iOWest!

The Society Comedy TroupeKirby Heyborne, Kelly Lohman, Jim Nieb, Rob Moffat, Zanon Schmid, Eric Artell, Dave Thompson and Lincoln Hoppe of the Society Comedy Troupe.

Lincoln also TEACHES improvisation at The Society and Playhouse West. He can travel and be booked for teaching classes, workshops, events and corporate trainings. Contact Gracia at to set up bookings or events.

Comedy Shorts & Video Sketches
Here are a few of Lincoln's no-budget avorites he's written and been in with Kirby Heyborne and others..
Hand Slap Game
Knife Safety

Stupid Hot Pizza Eaters
An Easter Treat
Therapy Wagon
Awkward Lozenge

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Improv Comedy

Lincoln's Notable Improv Comedy Groups

The Society Comedy TroupeThe Society Comedy Troupe

Improv Training (Partial List)

The Society Comedy TroupeKirby Heyborne, Corbin Allred, Adam Johnson, Eric Artell, & Lincoln Hoppe

Sketch Comedy

Lincoln was head writer and director of the Garrens Comedy Troupe for over 6 years, The Garrens performed new sketches every week, multiple shows a week, for hundreds of shows each year, for 8 years. Lincoln performed sketch and improv with an amazing cast in literally thousands of shows!

Lincoln Hoppe

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