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Saints & Soldiers Lincoln Hoppe

Now Showing!
Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed

WWII Feature Film Starring Lincoln Hoppe
San Diego Film Festival - Heartland Film Festival
Open in the England
Winner 6 Awards at the Playhouse West Film

The Society Comedy Troupe

Now Showing!
The Society Comedy Troupe

Award Winning Improv and Musical IMPROV GROUP starring Lincoln.
Lincoln also co-directs. Shows every month.

Lincoln's Instant-Read Castablilty
Casting Lincoln is easy. Here's a simple list of the no-brainer types of roles for Lincoln. Included are names and links to shows he's been cast in for those types.

  1. Regular guy with a twist (often All-American) A slightly irregular guy. Quirky in comedy, uncommon and unpredictable in drama.
    (Films: Everwood, Love Tap, Benji, Believe, Last Good War, Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed, True Blood, Promised Land, Touched by an Angel, Saints & Soldiers, E*Trade, Battalion)

  2. Intelligent, educated, trustworthy, even dorky tech guy - person in authority whether he deserves it or not. Leader, boss, teacher, counselor, techie, lawyer, salesman, entrepenuer, cop.
    (Films: Pixel Perfect, Benji, Return to the Secret Garden, Singles Ward 1, SW2, Perfect Murder Perfect Town, Robot Salesman, Team, True Blood, Saints & Soldiers: Airborne Creed)

  3. The principled comic relief. Quirky. Best friend, next door neighbor. But whatever it is, he's slightly off.
    (Films: Letting Go, Roshambo Apocolypse, Roomies, Believe, Singles Ward 2, Sports Balls, Team, Pixel Perfect, Everwood, Excuses)

Comedic Film & TV Demo Reel

1-Excuses, 2-Singles Ward II, 3-Believe, 4-Everwood(WB), 5-Pixel Perfect(Disney), 6-Love Tap(Disney)

Dramatic Film & TV Demo Reel

1-Battallion, 2-Benji, 3-True Blood (HBO), 4-Saints and Soldiers, 5-Last Good War (Emmy Winning Short)

Current Representation

Theatrical Agent Commercial Agent
Rogers Orion Talent Agency Coast to Coast Talent Group
Tony Ferrar Hugh Leon
818 789 7064 323-845-9200


Liberation Management  
(323) 993-8508  

Online Casting Profiles - Headshots/Resumes

Breakdown Services (Actor's Access)
Now Casting - LA Casting - Casting Frontier

German Soldier/World War II German Officer
Improvisation and Comedy - Current Group The Society
Mockumentary - Improvised or Scripted
Accents & Dialects
Soccer - Goal Keeper, Field Player
Music - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Singing, Songwriting, Musical Improv

Current Training
Playhouse West - 2005 to Present - Trazy Aziz, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Liebe, Tony Savant, Robert Carnegie. Lincoln is a Senior Advanced student in the program.
Shakespeare - Tracy Aziz 2006 to present
Improvisation - The Society & ComedySportz ongoing

Lincoln in The Last Good War
Lincoln as Gunter in the Emmy Winning "The Last Good War"

Previous Training
Improv - Jill Bernard, Groundlings, ACME, ComedySportz, Theatersportz...
Scene Study - Doug Warhit, Sam Christensen, Josh Biton, Scott Ditty, Greoff Hansen
Image Process - Sam Christensen
Commercial - Judy Kain, Paul Hungerfor, Stuart Robinson, Carolynne Barry

How to Cast Lincoln

Essences (Sam Christensen Process)
Styles of Acting, Comedy and Drama

Headshots and Photo Gallery

Lincoln Hoppe

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Saints & Soldiers Airborne Creed Screenings
-This week in the United Kingdom
-September at the San Diego Film Festival
-October at the Heartland Film Festival

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