Who is Lincoln Hoppe? - Uniqueness Defined

Lincoln Hoppe

Essences are from the Sam Christensen Process, an industry standard in identifying an actor's uniqueness for casting and marketing purposes. The process is recommended by Hollywood's best agents and managers.

This Essences are not a science, but an art, and, as you will see, many are poetic and metaphorical. They are designed to lead your understanding of an actor in a direction without nailing them down or defining directly.

Each actor embodies both the face value essence and the opposite. For example, because I am generally identified as someone who's cheery most of the time (as in #6), I am also uniquely qualified to play the opposite.

Lincoln's SCP Essences - Quick List

  1. The span of the branches match the reach of the roots.
  2. Boundless Infinite
  3. Vampire can't stand the site of blood.
  4. I don't Quit
  5. I'm cooler than you think I am, but not as cool as I think I am...I think.
  6. Once, in 1985, I was really grouchy.
  7. I'll hold you until the hurt goes away.

So what does all this mean? The meaning of some essences are obvious. The meaning of others are not so easy to grasp, just like Lincoln.

Essences in Depth

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Essences in Film Clips

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